It’s always a good time when it’s poker night, but maybe you’re looking for a way to change it up and bring a new spark to your game.  One way to do this is to introduce specialty chips to your poker games and tournaments.  There are several different types of specialty chips such as Bounty Chips, Show’em Chips, and others…you may even want to try them all!

Bounty Chips

Nevada Jacks Bounty Chips

Bounty Chips from the Nevada Jacks Skulls Set

At the beginning of the poker tournament, each player receives one Bounty poker chip.  When each player is knocked out of the tournament, they surrender their Bounty Chip to the person who eliminated them.  The goal is to collect as many Bounty Chips as possible!  At the end of the night, the Bounty Chips are then turned in for a prize.  The prize can be cash, a poker trophy, or other awards.  Or, you may decide to pay out a set amount per Bounty Chip, so that players who don’t end the night “In the Money” might not go home completely empty handed.  If using this method, the value of the Bounty Chips should be determined at the beginning of the night (for example $1 to $5 per chip) and make sure to add this to the entry fee.

Show’em Poker Chips

Poker is not just about the cards in your hand, it is about guessing how your cards compare to the opponent’s cards.  You just folded, and it’s driving you crazy wondering if you did the right thing.  Just once you wish you could see what the opponent had in their hands!  If you were using Show Em poker chips, you could find out!  The idea behind Show Em Chips is that each player receives one (or more) Show Em chips, which they are free to use at any point during the game. When the chip is used, their opponent must show their cards (after the hand is over of course!).  You could also “sell” the Show Em chips to players who really want to use them, and sweeten the pot for everyone!

Rebuy and Reload Chips

Rebuy and Reload poker chips are typically used interchangeably, so just choose which theme works best with your group.  The idea behind Rebuy and Reload chips is that at the start of the poker tournament, each player receives a Rebuy chip. If a player is eliminated from the tournament and chooses to rebuy, they must turn in their Rebuy chip. The players who still have their Rebuy chip at the end of the night can get a prize such as a portion of the rebuy payments from the prize fund, a drink, food, etc. Rebuy chips are another way to add some fun to your tournaments!

Rabbit Hunting Poker Chips

The poker definition of Rabbit Hunting is: to see the undealt cards after a hand is finished in order to see who would have won if the hand hadn’t been folded.  The idea behind Rabbit Hunting chips is that at the beginning of the night, each player receives one (or more) chips.  At any point during the game, they can turn in the chip to “Rabbit Hunt” and see what cards would have come next.  You could also “sell” these chips to players who really want to use them, and sweeten the pot for everyone!


As you can see, there are many ways to spice up your poker games with specialty chips.  We would love to hear how you incorporate these chips into your poker nights and tournaments!