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Add fun and excitement to poker games with Bounty chips & More!

It’s always a good time when it’s poker night, but maybe you’re looking for a way to change it up and bring a new spark to your game.  One way to do this is to introduce specialty chips to your poker games and tournaments.  There are several different types of specialty chips such as Bounty … Continue reading

FREE Nevada Jacks Poker Chips

Nevada Jacks needs your help! We are offering FREE Nevada Jacks Poker Chips for your poker chip tricks. It’s easy and here is how it works. Just submit your favorite poker chip trick. Include a few pictures, a few short videos and brief instructions and we will ship you a 300pc set of Nevada Jacks … Continue reading

A Guide to Home Poker Tournaments

It used to be, in poker, cash games were king. You would go to your local neighborhood or family game and participate in some of the craziest variations of ‘poker’ imagined. There they would play anything from ‘Jacks or Better’ to ‘No Peekie.’ Sometimes, I miss that madness. Now, ever since Chris Moneymaker took a … Continue reading

Popular Poker Home Game Formats

If you’re planning to host your very own poker home game, then you’ll need to decide what format to use. Will it be a single-table tournament or does your group’s size warrant multiple tables? Or, maybe a cash game is in the offing. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular poker home … Continue reading

Poker Home Game Accessories

Just because you have a high quality chipset from Nevada Jacks doesn’t mean you’re ready to hold a credible home game. In fact, there are several supplies and extras you can purchase right here on our website to make your game one for the ages. From dealer buttons to sturdy cases to cut cards, we … Continue reading

Hosting a Poker Game

How to Organize a Poker Home Game So you’ve decided to host a poker home game. Now what? You have no players, no location, and nothing to play with. You have a multitude of problems, so let’s start with the easiest one to solve, finding opponents. Even if you don’t have poker playing buddies, it’s … Continue reading