Clay Poker Chips

Top Hat & Cane Paulson® Clay Chips

These clay poker chips are the best home gaming chip that money can buy. The classic Paulson Top Hat® line features the top hat mold and materials used in casinos worldwide for decades.

This new poker chip provides you with the opportunity to own true PROFESSIONAL, CASINO QUALITY clay poker chips.  Made by Paulson®, they combine the industry’s most respected chip manufacture with a classic design to create a unique and original CLAY CASINO CHIP just for the home game player. These chips are a  tribute to an era when Las Vegas was all about the characters, the cards and the CHIPS!

Compression molded from a highly guarded process only used for casino chips and  utilizing decades of experience, they exhibit traditional casino colors and color schemes. Perhaps the most important is feature of these chips is the fact that each denomination has its own unique shaped inlay design.  THE RESULT… a striking, professional, casino quality, HEAVY clay poker chip set in seven denominations.

These chips are made in the same plant where casinos chips were made for many years, and are made by the same machines and the same tools used for other casino orders. The same employees are working on these chips besides other casino chips. And above all, the same procedure is followed, which means the control of our chips is the same way its manufacturers control genuine casino chips.