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Poker Chip Etiquette: The Do’s

If you’re heading to a major tournament or even your local home game, there are several chip guidelines that you should be wary of. What are they, you ask? What are some common “do’s” for chip etiquette at the tables? Read on to find out. Do Stack ‘em, Stack ‘em to the Top! I’ll borrow … Continue reading

Hosting Multi-Table Poker Tournaments

Four Tips for Hosting Multi-Table Poker Tournaments Hosting a multi-table poker tournament is no easy feat. With players, chips, and money constantly shuffling around, it’s easy to become confused. Luckily, you’ve come to Nevada Jacks, where we have all of the supplies you need to run a successful multi-table tournament and several helpful tips to … Continue reading

Custom Poker Chips – Upgrade Your Home Game

How do you turn your average home game into a memorable occasion? What can you do in order to make your game the talk of the town? We have a few easy ways for you to turn the corner. Custom Poker Chips If you’ve ever wanted to own your own casino, we’re not going to … Continue reading

Poker Chip Care and Cleaning – Part Two

So, you have followed our guide to storing your poker chips and you have strictly enforced the playing conditions but the unthinkable has happened. Your poker chips are dirty and need a good cleaning! Do not worry Nevada Jacks has your complete guide to poker chip cleaning. How To : Poker Chip Cleaning This section … Continue reading

Poker Chip Care and Cleaning – Part One

Whether you are looking to buy poker chips or you already have a great poker set, something you should know is how to care for and clean your poker chips. Now you may be thinking, “How difficult can it be and is there really a need for a two part article?” Well, a little common … Continue reading

History of Poker Chips

History of Poker Chips We have a wide array of poker chips to choose from here at Nevada Jacks. From custom poker chips to upscale plaques like the ones you’d find in the world’s richest games, we have them all. Where did poker chips originate, you ask? What should you look for in today’s versions? … Continue reading

FREE Nevada Jacks Poker Chips

Nevada Jacks needs your help! We are offering FREE Nevada Jacks Poker Chips for your poker chip tricks. It’s easy and here is how it works. Just submit your favorite poker chip trick. Include a few pictures, a few short videos and brief instructions and we will ship you a 300pc set of Nevada Jacks … Continue reading