Nevada Jacks, the premiere source for Nevada Jacks Skull poker chips, customized poker chips, and clay poker chips, has rebranded and relaunched under


The new domain name says it all, as Nevada Jacks offers personalized, fully customizable poker chips, and the best part is that they are casino grade. From small home games with friends to large-scale multi-table tournaments, Nevada Jacks can tailor poker chips for every occasion.


Nevada Jacks President Jim Evering heralded the move to “We are very excited to really focus on a portion of the business that we are very good at. While Nevada Jacks is still our feature product, we will focus more on customized poker chips in the future.”


The customized poker chips are handcrafted in the United States. The logos and text that appear on them are professional in nature, as no stickers or other gimmicks are used. Instead, the U.S.-based company uses a sophisticated technique to embed images in each chip. The result is a customized poker chip that is identical to what players would see in brick-and-mortar casinos.


Several factors separate Nevada Jacks from the competition. Evering explained, “We are the manufacturer and not a reseller of the product. Nevada Jacks has a decade of experience and, in fact, we were in business prior to the poker boom. Casino grade poker chips are all we do and we do it well, which leads to incredible one- to two-week lead times for custom poker chips.”


Pre-designed chips are also available, on top of which customers can print their name, company name, or tournament. The designs include Martini Club, Las Vegas Sign, Card Suits, and Four Jacks. A 500-piece chipset, which contains enough chips to run a home game, are available for $399.99 and can ship within one to two weeks. Each chipset comes complete with a durable carrying case, playing cards, and a dealer button. Shipping is completely free.


Nevada Jacks also sells its eponymous design, which is one of the most popular brands available around the globe. The Nevada Jacks Skull line features the highest quality composite casino poker chips available for home games. Each chip weighs in at 10 grams and 500-piece sets run between $219.99 and $299.99.


In addition, offers real casino chips – chips that were actually used in some of the most storied casinos around the world. These are perfect for any collector of high-end poker chips and the stock constantly changes. even showcases plaques, card guards, and basic home game supplies.


No home game is complete without a visit to