Wow…2016 is flying by!

We have recently had several customers mention that they are concerned whether we are still in business because the “Latest News” section hasn’t had any news in a while.  We’re definitely still here, and pumping out awesome poker chips!  We’ve got some exciting new items coming out soon, so there will definitely be more “news” in the near future.

We have posted some photos and updates through social media this year instead of through the website.  Be sure to check us out on your favorite social media sites!  You can find us on Twitter @NevadaJacks, on the Nevada Jacks Customized Poker Chips Facebook Page, or on Instagram @NevadaJacks.  You never know where we might post, so go ahead and follow us on all three!

One change that we have made this year is that we no longer provide artwork services for completely custom poker chips.  Doing artwork always puts us behind because we’re not very fast at it, and not that creative!  We do have an awesome artist that we recommend for custom poker chip artwork.  He does amazing work, responds quickly to customers, and his fees are very reasonable.  We have been referring customers to him, and have gotten rave reviews on his service (and the chips look fantastic when we make them!).  You can visit his website at:

If you’re in the market for customized poker chips, but the artwork is still just an idea in your mind, he can turn that idea into an artwork reality!

Poker Chip Artist - Professional Poker Chip Artwork Design