Poker Chip Tricks

To be a true poker player these days you have to be able to fidget with your poker chips. Poker games can see long periods of time with no action or perhaps you need something to do while thinking about how much to raise. Whatever the reason, poker chip tricks have become extremely popular and there is a wide array of different tricks. In this section, Nevada Jacks has put together tutorials on how to perform poker chip tricks. Pictures and videos are provided for most of the chip tricks listed here. Click a chip trick from the list on the right to learn it, then go show it off!

If you feel like sharing a chip trick of your own go ahead and submit it.  Be sure to include pictures and video, and a short description of how to perform the trick.  Hopefully you will be showing off your Nevada Jacks Poker chips.  If your trick gets selected and published, you will win a free poker set from Nevada Jacks.