Jumping Bean

This is a very simple yet gratifying chip trick to help get you started and a great way to add that little bit of flare to your table.

How To Do It

Using your middle finger and thumb, pinch off some chips from your stack. (For learning purposes we would recommend your held stack be 5 chips high while you leave your standing stack at 4 chips high.)

As you draw your chips away from the stack, gently release pressure on your bottom chip, dropping it back onto the top of the stack leaving it overhanging by approximately a third of the chips length.

Now bring the bottom edge of your held stack down on the top edge of your overhanging chip (just enough to clip it). Being sure to keep your index finger well to the side so it does not interfere with the chips trajectory but still adds support should the chip bounce.

The hanging chip will flip from one stack to the other. You can now, cooly, throw your chips in. With a little practice, getting the feel for this trick will come easily.

Remember: not all chip tricks have to be big exhibitions. Infact, it’s often the subtle nonchlant touches that impress and un-nerve your fellow players.

Jumping Bean Video