The chip twirl is done with three chips. One thing to remember when you’re trying it is that the chips shouldn’t be held too tight.

How To Do It

Start off with the three chips held loosely between your index and ring finger. Support the chips with your middle finger from behind.

Using your thumb, loosen the two outer chips. Supporting the center chip firmly between your ring and index fingers, swing the outer chips up while dropping your ring finger at the same time, allowing the lone chip to slide down.

This movement will create a separation between the three poker chips. With practice, you’ll eventually be able to lift the two chips up and away without having to loosen them first.
While supporting the lone chip between your index and ring fingers, place your middle finger on the side of the chip. Now pull back on the chip, letting it spin towards your palm.

The spin is the most difficult part of the trick. Realize that it just takes a lot of practice to perform smoothly. Being successful depends on learning to spin the chip at the correct speed while keeping the right amount of tension on the chip with your index and ring fingers. Using your middle finger, spin the chip until it is again even with the two upper chips.
The most difficult part of the chip trick is over. If you can master the spin, you’re home free. Now simply bring the three chips back together again.

Chip Twirl Video