Nevada Jacks All In Chips

Do your poker games get slowed down by people pushing all their chips to the center of the table to go all in, only to have the other player fold? Then you have to wait for them to collect all their chips. Or do you have "That Guy" in your game that goes all in and splashes the pot with all his chips, then 10 minutes later he's finally stacked them all again?

Avoid these problems with our new All In Button poker chips! Instead of pushing your stack in, you just toss your All In Button to the center of the table. The All In Buttons are 47mm poker chips, so they stand out from the rest of your set. They are the perfect addition to your Nevada Jack skulls set!

The All In chips are offered in groups of 10 chips. An order with the quantity of 1 means you want 10 chips, a quantity of 2 is 20 chips.